The Artist Within – A Guide

#1 Creativity Workout
October 16, 2008, 1:49 pm
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Creativity workouts are simple, simple, easy, easy ways you can get in touch with your right brain voice, your artist within.  Can you take five minutes to discover a way to take a mental vacation and take a break from the mental chatter?  Good.  I thought so.

Grab any old piece of paper and any kind of pen, pencil, crayon, marker, whatever.

Look at the clock.  5 minutes.  That is all. 

Make a little circle somewhere, or a square of you prefer.  Draw some lines coming out of that shape.  Add a little blob at the end of each of those lines….Get it?  Just make marks.  It is not about drawing anything that looks like anything.  It is one squiggle or shape adding onto another. 

I’ll warn you, it will take until about 2.5 minutes in for you to settle in.  Your left brain is telling you, “You’ve got other things to do, man!”  Ask it to take a well-deserved siesta and give your right brain a chance to connect.  You will be able to tell because all of a sudden it will be 5 minutes or 8 minutes and you have become completely focused on your marks.  Welcome to your present moment.  This is the biggest gift we can give to ourselves each day, being completely present.  There’s more, but you’ll have to check back.  Enjoy, Whitney

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Whitney, both sides of your brain must be working quite well–what an attractive and inviting place your new site is!

And how true it is that focusing on something creative is completely absorbing and liberating. I think that gardening and cooking, even play, can be the same way. All of these activities share a physical element, and I suspect that integrating the mind and body is part of what makes all forms of creativity so engaging. And can anything else be as satisfying as making a tangible product?

Thanks for starting a new conversation. And congratulations.

Catherine Snow

Comment by Catherine Snow

Ah…Whitney! What a great idea! I’m taking your challenge today with the 5 minutes. The rest of the office will think I’ve lost my marbles, but I think I need a little right-brain vacation this week!

Comment by Lynn

Catherine, Thank you so much for your comment! I just really want people to be aware of the power they have to change the way they are thinking or feeling. If you’ve had a bad day or need to approach a problem from a different angle, you need to get into your right brain. Art can get you there, as well as the things you mentioned. Just get over there into your right hemisphere. You are simply missing out if you don’t! Whitney

Comment by creativelyfit

Lynn, Let me know how your “creativity workout” goes! Remember, that the more your left brain resists, saying things like, “You have too much to do,” or, “This is silly…”, that the closer you are getting to your right brain. Just ask your left brain voice to take a well-deserved rest and give your right brain voice, your artist within, some air time. Picture those old telephone operator switch boards. Your left brain operator is busy all day long. You need to give your right brain operator something to do to get connected to that voice. Have fun!

Comment by creativelyfit

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