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It’s a NEW day!
October 23, 2008, 2:28 pm
Filed under: Daily Entries

I am up in my little studio painting this morning.  I am attending to the e-mail while the layers dry.  I am painting for my upcoming trip to L.A. and Las Vegas!  So exciting.  Today I am struck with the fact that today is a blank canvas.  I can visualize the blank canvas and I don’t have to worry at all about the “canvas” from yesterday (yesterday mostly had a lot of good things in it, but a couple discouraging things too).  I can choose to hold on to the disappointments from yesterday and bring those elements into my day today, or I can wipe the slate clean and start afresh.  You know, Matisse would have his “lovely assistant” wipe his canvas totally clean at the end of the day if he was not pleased with the direction it was taking.  His goal was to paint just one layer–to re-create life as if it were in fact a painting.  I need lots of layers to get my paintings to where I want them to be.  That is why Matisse is Matisse.  Check my book section for a great book about Matisse.

To start fresh each day, that is really the goal, isn’t it: to stay present, to appreciate where we are and the opportunities we have right now!?!?  Once we become conscious of our creative ability to create each day anew (just like the artist in front of the blank canvas) then we have hope and optimism and our dreams are free to reach towards reality.   OK.  Gotta go make my mark today!  Whitney

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