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Whitney on Radio Show–tune in!
October 27, 2008, 2:53 pm
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Good Monday morning!  I am going to be interviewed on a radio show this coming Sunday, Nov. 2nd.  You can listen by clicking on this link:  I love that the name of the show is Champagne Sundays!  I should really do the interview from Rumours East!  We have 2 for 1 mimosas for our Sunday Brunch. 

Just got back from a weekend in New York!  My thoughts kept going back to what a mental game life is!  I walked past several Barnes & Nobles, that will all have my books in them by Nov. 15th, and looked at the advertisements for upcoming book signings.  Let’s see, people like Madeline Albright will be there to sign their books.  All of the authors were some sort of celebrity.  I wasn’t intimidated or anything.  It made me think, “They are never going to schedule my book signing!”  WHOA!  We can’t go there.  This book is going to make an impact only if I decide it is!  It is mental gymnastics every day.  That voice that doubted my ability to make it into the window on the book signing announcements is my left-brain voice.  My right brain is the one that countered with, “Just one step at a time, honey.  You have a great message; let the pureness of that message open the doors for you–just get it out there!”

We all struggle every day between hope and despair.  the global stress level right now is enormous.  You can’t go anywhere, read or watch anything without being told about the upcoming doomsday!  We simply can’t go there.  When you are feeling overwhelmed, tap into your right brain.  Your right brain does not know “overwhelmed” or “stressed”.  It is completely present and satisfied in the current moment.

I am going to add another great “creativity workout” to the blog now.  Click on the link to read Creativity Workout #2.  Whitney

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