The Artist Within – A Guide

#2 Creativity Workout
October 28, 2008, 5:32 pm
Filed under: Creativity Workouts

This is a fun one to do at the kitchen table while you are weeding out the junk mail, going through the kids papers, cleaning out your purse/briefcase, etc.

PAPER WEAVING…take whatever papers you have lying around and cut them into strips. They don’t have to all be the same width, anywhere between 1/2 inch to 1 inch wide is fine. Just cut them up. Just that feels good!

Make a pile of your strips.

Now select 8-10 strips and lay them side by side in front of you.

Choose 8-10 more. You are going to weave these, over-under style, through the strips you have laid out in front of you. You may remember weaving placemats in elementary school. Same thing. Scrunch them together in the middle so that they stay together.

Do you see the mini-abstracts in each little square? What happens when you weave some newsprint together with 4-color glossy paper? Which do you like better.

I like to save these weavings and I paint them into my paintings just for the texture. Or just toss them in the recycle bin. You’ve just had a “creativity workout”! Wasn’t that easy? (You haven’t done it yet–it’s OK. Do it this afternoon or this evening. Get your team at work to bring old memos and out-dated papers fro their desk and weave those together at the start of the meeting! It will totally take them off gurad–it will change the way they are thinking. You will all get different ideas! Perfect! Let me know! Whitney

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