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Los Angeles Book PR Trip!
November 10, 2008, 3:18 pm
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Hello, Los Angeles!  I miss you already!  I just got back last night from a whirlwind of a book trip to Los Angeles!  How much do I love Los Angeles?  Let me tell you!  The creative energy there is incredible.  No one is ever going to tell you in L.A. “You really shouldn’t do that/wear that/say that….”  They thrive on whatever is different, outside of the box, innovative.  I play the music in the car a little louder-dancing in my seat with a little more gusto-because anything goes!

I visited some incredible little book stores–I love Barnes & Noble (my book will be in every B&N in L.A., San Fran, Chicago, New York and Nashville), but the little book stores are where my heart is. 

I am proud to say that Bodhi Tree Bookstore will be carrying The Artist Within!  Mark there was so nice and I will hope to hold a workshop there at my next visit.  I am working on Aroma Cafe’/Portrait of a Bookstore on Tujunga and Skylight Bookstore on Vermont.  If any of you go in to either of those stores, ask about The Artist Within!  If you go to Aroma Cafe’, please stop in Hoity Toity across the street and say “hi” to Ann!  She designs all of the fashions in her store and I bought an amazing dress that I wore Sat. to the book signing at Sushiya.  Ann and I had flurry of creative energy as I tried on her beautiful clothes–she is a new friend! 

I also met Daphne Brogdon of at her husband’s restaurant, CAMPANILE, at 624 S. La Brea.  Amazing (both her and the restaurant)!  Us “cool moms” have to stick together.  Go to her blog and hopefully she will blog about my book!

The other COOL thing about being in L.A. as well was that everyone is sooooooooooo fired up about CHANGE!!!  The momentum from the election was rippling through L.A. and everyone is conscience of our need for change.  Obama nailed it when he said during his acceptance speech that we all need to take ourselves to a higher level of service and expectation.  It is our “artists within” that will empower us to create that change!

I could go on and on…Thank you to Jeanne Jolly (amazing singer in L.A.-sheck her out) for organizing my book signing at Sushiya on Sunset, thank you to all my old high school friends who came out and to Jen Weigel, author of Stay Tuned–get it read it!  Thank you Stonehoney–my favorite country rock band for coming out to support my creative expression!  Thanks to Phyllis Chase who has a radio show on KCSN and to Michael Davis who also has a book coming out soon! 

I also squeezed in a 20 hour trip to Las Vegas to hold a client event for a friend!  We talked about the creative process of wine making and compared it to paintings!  We had a blast–viva Las Vegas!

Now, all of you who bought my book…READ IT…mark in it…talk about it to friends…comment on this blog….  We are starting a movement!  One in which the public will become conscience of our ability to create change and in our ability to access our ARTIST WITHIN, inside of our right brain!

Chicago and San Fran will be next on the tour!  Thank you, thank you for all of your support and creative energy!  Whitney

On eof my paintings!
On eof my paintings!

Oooops.  “One of my paintings”

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Hey Whitney! Congrats on the new website! Blog! BOOK! Book tour! Lots of exciting and creative things happening — AWESOME! John and I will be at your book launch Sat night – -wouldn’t miss it. I can’t wait to dig into the new book! Way to go!


Comment by Susan

Oh Whitney! Congratulations on successful trip to LA! I am looking forward to digging into my new copy of “The Artist Within”! I’ll stop by Skylight and Aroma for sure…Aroma has the best brunch & coffee so that’ll be easy:). It was my pleasure to be able to help in some way. You not only have written a great book but your continuing mission to help people learn how to create change in their lives using all that we are equipped with is very inspiring to me. I’m truly looking forward to trying out what your book suggests! Keep Shining and spilling your creative juice and energy on us all! Much love to you beautiful lady, Jeanne Jolly

Comment by Jeanne Jolly

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