The Artist Within – A Guide

Good Morning!
December 16, 2008, 3:20 pm
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Last Friday I spent the afternoon with The Sommet Group exercising our right brain!  I led this dynamic business group through the “Group Mural” project to illustrate their synergy as a team, how limiting beliefs can stifle an organization, and how to tap their right brains to innovate around the conference table!  We had fun!  Executives that had never painted before surprised themselves with their “piece of the puzzle”.  In this exercise an original work of art, by Nashville artist Todd Greene in this case, was duplicated and cut into 36 pieces.  During our creative exercise, each participant received a numbered, laminated 4″ square piece that they duplicated onto a 12″ square piece of watercolor paper.  As they focused on which color to layer over another, the business question they had posed at the beginning of the session was able to percolate.  At the end of the session, a new perspective and new ideas were applied to that same problem and the group was able to admire their work of art!  The finished mural is 6′ square and will adorn the wall of their training room to remind them of their creative ability!

Every business needs to innovate and create change right now.  Most businesses are not satisfied with the bottom line numbers at the moment, so that is change waiting to happen!  We all have to get creative to survive the economic climate! 

Remember to tap into your right brain today, your artist within, so that you can feel optimisitic and hopeful!  Creatively yours, Whitney