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Happy New Year!
January 4, 2009, 10:39 pm
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I have had an amazing Holiday!  Lots of food, time with my hub and kids and some amazing inspiration.  While in New Orleans, I became a very grateful participant in the artistic career of Francoise Gilot!  I brought home an original lithograph hers entitled “Youth”, portraying a young Paloma Picasso!  I have never come close to “owning” a piece of history like this!  Francoise Gilot is the mother of Paloma and Claude Picasso, artist, author and amazing woman!  She is the subject of the film “Surviving Picasso”.  She is still painting in New York and Paris.  The gallery owner in New Orleans is sending her one of my books!  I am envisioning painting with her in New York some time in 2009!

I have also re-painted my studio a more appropriate white.  I will post a new pic soon.  It feel so good to get some new energy in there to kick off the New Year.

The biggest thing I have become convicted about in the process of anticipating the new year, is that I simply need to focus on the goodness of my message in The Artist Within.  It will empower people and change lives in a positive way.  I am excited for people to discover it and to discover the artist within themsleves.  It is not about painting a canvas, but about feeling optimistic because you know that change is within your grasp.  When we do not believe in our ability to create change we are depressed, apathetic or frustrated.  None of that this year!  Happy New Year!  Whitney

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I must say you are a very lucky person to own a work portraying the famous Paloma Picasso. Claude and Maya Picasso are the only 2 authenticators of Picasso unique originals today. Here are some beautiful Picasso ceramics, lithographs and etchings

Your focus on “the goodness of my message” is an excellent conviction to behold when it is “to empower people and change lives in a positive way”. That is everything right there. You got it. Thanks for posting this.

Comment by Fiona

Fiona, Thank you for your comment! I hope you order my book and enjoy it! Your website is amazing! Your affirmation of my conviction is appreciated. Today things fell into place nicely with that attitude. Enjoy! Whitney

Comment by creativelyfit

I made it to your blog Whitney!! You left out of our conversation about having this painting!! I would love to see it!! I’m so excited to start reading your book. Everything you say makes so much sense…I can’t wait to read and see how it all flows together!! Keep writing!

Comment by Ellen

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