The Artist Within – A Guide

The Voice is Ancient
January 20, 2009, 12:04 pm
Filed under: Whitney Ferre'

I gained a new perspective over the past couple of days about the depth of creative voice.  The first thing out of so many mouths when the subject of creativity arises is “I am not creative.”  I would argue that their ancestors would disapprove!

Let’s put this Artist Within voice in perspective….human beings have been making their impressions on this planet for thousands and thousands of years.  Maybe even millions depending on the science.  Of those hundreds of thousands of years, it has only been in the last hundred that the human race has not been mostly dependent on their creative ability for survival!  Think about it.  In the span of human history, it has not been that long since we would arrive at a new home and have to create our shelter and accessories from what was immediately available to us.  There are still communities living in remote Russia that create most of their food, shelter and clothing from the local reindeer population!  Do you think they doubt their creativity.  No.  There has been art since before there was a written language or a monetary system!  So the question is not really, “Why should I connect to my Artist Within?”  The real question is “Why not?”  It is an ancient voice that is woven through every strand of your DNA. It is a part of being human.  It is a part that in today’s world that if we do not embrace and nurture it we will all slip towards the robotic, dependent, empty futuristic model illustrated in science fiction.

Whew!  Seriously, if any day in reccent human history has stood for change and for our human ability to create change it is today!  Our country needs citizens who can step up and change the way we do things.  We are participants in this thing called democracy and it continues long after we cast our ballot.  Our president is creating a visison.  Our country is the canvas.  We are each a brushstroke.  We need to make our mark and not make excuses!

I can get going!  On another note:  so psyched that yesterday I confirmed four more book signing events!  I am going back to Chattanooga!  I will also be at Barnes & Noble in Cool Springs on January 28th, Borders in Brentwood on January 31st, and Davis Kidd on Feb. 11th.  On Feb. 21st I am lucky enough to be at the Barnes & Noble in Encinitas, CA!  Can’t wait to get back to California!  Let me know your favorite book store or group and we will try to set up a visit. 

Happy Inauguration Day!  Creatively yours, Whitney

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