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“Chance Encounters” since last entry!
January 28, 2009, 3:40 pm
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SO, in my last entry I wrote about how we can manifest “coincidence” and miracles by paying attention to our Artist Within and our right brain.  Well, no sooner had I finished the entry the “coincidences” started to happen for me!

First, I got a phone call from an old friend.  He used to visit me at The Creative Fitness Center.  His background is in early childhood education, he had a program for h.s. students to raise money for college visits (Oprah was one of his students!), he started a program back in 1973 called Dream Houses (that put play houses in classrooms all over the country to encourage creativity), and he started the company that furnished all of the decor for TGI Fridays!  Whew!  I have immense respect for this man, needless to say.  Well, he called me because of his latest inspiration to help encourage creativity in pre-school, visually imapired students.  He has been losing his eyesight for a couple of years now and is approaching blindness!  He wanted me to be involved, and, honestly, my first thought was that I have plenty going on right now and pre-schoolers are not my target audience, but I listened carefully because I did not treat a random call from this man lightly….

I'll talk about this exercise at the bottom of this entry.

I'll talk about this exercise at the bottom of this entry.

He then proceeded to tell me that recently he had emptied his drawers with decades of information about education and creativity and given them to the students at Vanderbilt’s Peabody School of Education in order that they could research the relationship between creativity and cognitive development!  Hello!  This is why he called me (my Artist Within whispered to me).  I have recently decided, based on some other right brain advice, to include FREE teacher in-service training as part of my outreach.  A connection to Vanderbilt’s Peabody school and this man’s knowledge would be fabulous and such a gift!  He and I are meeting next Monday morning.  I’ll give you all an update then…

The next “coincidence” was bumping into one of my “regulars” from back in the Creative Fitness Center days.  I was at a eyeglass store with my husband to help him pick out frames when a woman came in.  I happened to be behind the front desk grabbing apen (to write down my website for the owner–of course) so the woman looked to me as a staff person.  I quickly said, “I don’t work here.  I am just helping myself to a pen.”  She said, “I am just in to see if they have any readers.”  I replied, “I am sure they have them, they have everything here!” (I had been having a blast helping other women in the store pick out frames!  Talk about a creative industry!)  Then, I told her that she did look familiar, but “It is Nashville, such a small town really.”  It quickly surfaced that she had brought her kids to the Creative Fitness Center years ago and she was the woman who had bought one of my paintings.  She said she looks at it every day and sees something new. She was one of the moms I looked up to and respected for her individuality and energy!  I told her all about the book and upcoming signings.  We made the connection between mutual friends and she promised to help spread the word….So fun!  She even made the comment (since they didn’t have readers as it turned out) that, “This is why I came in here…to bump into you!”  She gets it!  So, tune in today to your Artist Within and watch out for those chance phone calls and meetings–it is your right brain sending some help your way. 

OK, the DREAM COLLAGE above was my Creativity Workout last night.  I had a stressful day–we have wine bar issues going on–and I knew that unless I did something creative that I was going to be steeping in stress all night.  I needed to push out all of the negative thoughts and replace them with positive, happy thoughts.  SO, after I go the pork in the oven I sat down to weed through the stack of old magazines and this is what I came up with.  I added the text this morning so you all could have more insight.  Look more closely at this collage on my gallery page (click on CREATIVITY WORK… at the top of the gallery page).

SO, have fun with your coincidences and “miracles” today and cut and paste yummy images if you get stressed!  Creatively yours, Whitney

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