The Artist Within – A Guide
February 5, 2009, 4:53 pm
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I was on a radio show yesterday called “Diva Craft Lounge” with Danielle and Rayme.  So fun!  Go to and click on the Feb. 4th show to listen to my interview (if you listen to it on iTunes it starts at -30.08 (about half way through the show).

I also spoke with another woman in northern California who has an art retreat center up in the mountains near Lake Tahoe!  Check out her blog at .  I think we are going to schedule an Artist Within Retreat there for the end of September 2009!  Her space is in the mountains, on a lake, in a small town, with a hotal on the premises, guest homes and everything we could need walking distance.  It sounds lovely!  Click on the Retreats and Workshops page of this blog to read descriptions! 

I am so grateful for the people I am meeting and being introduced to as a result of this book!  For me, it has always been working with people, learning from them, and sharing my passion for creativity and personal empowerment that has made it all worthwhile! 

I spoke with the old friend who had called me out of the blue after I had blogged about “coincidences”.  He is in his 70’s and has had a career that has spanned early childhood education (he mentioned he was the only man in his school), accessorizing ALL of the TGI Fridays, ,mentoring OPRAH (!!!), and starting the Dream House program.  He is convinced that a foundational part of the imbalance/disfunctionality in our society today is the unequal treatment of men and women.  He has three granddaughters and is accutely aware of more importance being placed on the opinions, actions, accomplishments of men than women.  WHAT DO YOU THINK? (please comment)

I told him I thought instead of women being “brought up” to the same level as men, that everyone needed to take a sidestep to gain more respect for the female mind/way of thinking.  It is not simply that we can do anything that men can do, it is that the way we do things is JUST AS valuable as the way men do things. 

I have had others ask me if the left brain was more masculine and the right more feminine.  For some reason, I am hesitant to turn it into a male/female thing, but certainly I think it is easier for women to access the right brain perspective than men.  Right brain thinking does not seek to control and it has no ego (watch Dr. Jill’s speech on  Certainly that makes it harder for most men.  I think it is a lot like the need for all of us to gain a new awareness of right/left brain.  It is not that either side is bad or wrong, it is that we need to be accessing both sides to operate the most effectively!  Likewise, the male and female way of doing things need to be better integrated in business, politics, education, etc.  I have been told that I need to nurture my male “energy” more (more structure, more attention to detail, numbers, etc.) and I know there are plenty of men out there that need to embrace their “inner female”!  Let me know what you think!  Comment…..

(Whew! and I was not sure what to write about when I sat down here this morning!)

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