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Barnes & Noble-Painting Made Easy
March 25, 2009, 4:10 pm
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There is truly a shift!  I have just connected with some amazing people who have been creating inspired work in the field of creativity for years!  I spoke with Sarah Caldicott-Miller on the phone, co-author of How to Innovate Like Edison.  She is Thomas Edison’s granddaughter and such a generous person.  She introduced me to John Cimino of Creative Leaps in New York who has been empowering educators, students, and major corporations for years through music and his “Concert of Ideas”!  (see links)  I am looking forward to collaborating with both of these amazing people in the future!

What we are all motivated by right now is the national need to empower ourselves to create change.  Art and creativity have been, ironically enough, put in a box for too long and we are suffering for it.  The reason to develop your creative ability is to access the part of your mind that enables you to envision change in ANY type of situtation and, then, to empower you to create that change.  This mental capacity lives in your right brain (Dan Pink-A Whole New Mind, Why Right-Brainers will Rule the Future).  The more you access your right brain, the stronger it gets and the more inspired, hopeful and productive you are, your business, your employees, etc.  It is really quite simple.  That is the good news! (Goi to and click on my book cover to listen to my latest radio interview) So…

I need Barnes & Noble to see bigger sales numbers!  My book, The Artist Within, is in 126 B&N’s all over the country!  If you all can recommend my book to friends and family anywhere and suggest that they contact their local B&N first–that would be GREAT!

I taught my Painting Made Easy class last night and we had FUN!  My DVD, Painting Made Easy, is shipping today from Chicago, so stay tuned for that!  Now anyone, anywhere can experience this no-fail, very relaxing, inspiring class!

So, today, as you go through your day in our very left-brain world, remember that your right brain is where you can go to escape the stress, to turn a recent job loss into a fabulous opportunity, to access ideas and wisdom just waiting for you in your subconscious, and where your “inner critic” transforms into  your “inner cheerleader”.  My book gives you simple, simple ways to make that mental shift.

Last thing, if you have a group (any size) that would like to hear an empowering, positive message that will inspire change–please let me know.  Create change!  ~Whitney

Dr. Jill
March 12, 2009, 1:52 am
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I sent Dr. Jill, author of My Stroke of Insight, an e-mail asking if we could meet to collaborate to some extent in the interest of the right brain.  If you have not read her book, you really should.  First, you can go to and watch her speech.  You will see why I got so excited last October when I watched it for the first time.  In her response to my e-mail, Dr. Jill eloquently explains her “whole brain” advocacy.  She is very wise and so appreciate her response and the time she took to do so.  Truly, the goal is for all of us to be using as much of our mental capacity as possible in order to live our lives as happily, truthfully, and productively as possible.  Thank you, Dr. Jill!  Whitney

Liz Gilbert on
March 2, 2009, 5:11 pm
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Go to this link as soon as you are done reading this!
Liz Gilbert speaks about the “genius” as defined by the ancient Romans.  The genius was a spirit of sorts that would show up to inspire the “artists” of the day.   Any creative brilliance was not the result then of the individual, but of the partnership of the “genius” and the artist.  This took the artist off the hook and the ego out of the picture.  There were no bragging rights when everyone knew that the creation was a result of divine inspiration!
Then, the Renaissance came along and made “man” the center of the universe and we became ego-centric.  Liz Gilbert is saying that we should take back our muse!  We should embrace the unexplainable magic of inspiration.  I LOVE IT!  I have to do that daily because otherwise the world is all on my shoulders and the pressure to succeed is overwhelming.  When I remember that it is not up to me, that I just have to “show up to work,” as Liz Gilbert described it, then the magic can happen, the coincidence that I have written about in previous blog entries!  Ole’, Liz Gilbert! (watch her speech on to un