The Artist Within – A Guide

Liz Gilbert on
March 2, 2009, 5:11 pm
Filed under: Whitney Ferre'

Go to this link as soon as you are done reading this!
Liz Gilbert speaks about the “genius” as defined by the ancient Romans.  The genius was a spirit of sorts that would show up to inspire the “artists” of the day.   Any creative brilliance was not the result then of the individual, but of the partnership of the “genius” and the artist.  This took the artist off the hook and the ego out of the picture.  There were no bragging rights when everyone knew that the creation was a result of divine inspiration!
Then, the Renaissance came along and made “man” the center of the universe and we became ego-centric.  Liz Gilbert is saying that we should take back our muse!  We should embrace the unexplainable magic of inspiration.  I LOVE IT!  I have to do that daily because otherwise the world is all on my shoulders and the pressure to succeed is overwhelming.  When I remember that it is not up to me, that I just have to “show up to work,” as Liz Gilbert described it, then the magic can happen, the coincidence that I have written about in previous blog entries!  Ole’, Liz Gilbert! (watch her speech on to un

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