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A Course in Miracles & Artist Within
April 4, 2009, 1:43 pm
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I am a big BALANCE woman.  Balance is one of the Principles of Design.  In my book I explain how just as artists have used these principles for centuries to create successful works of art, so can we use them as guidelines to create the art that is our life! 

I have always been very in tune with BALANCE.  In the “mind-body-spirit” paradigm, I like to spend time in each of those elements so that I feel my best.  So, recently I have been spending a bit of quiet reading time before I do a yoga DVD on the computer.  The book A Course in Miracles is my latest muse.  I simply open to a random page and read what it says.  It is amazing how it ALWAYS seems like the exact page I needed to read that morning.

Yesterday morning I read, “Part of the mind becomes concrete, however, when it splits (referencing the dichotomy between the earth and heaven mindsets).  The concrete part believes in the ego….The communication system of the ego is based on its own thought system, as is everything else it dictates.”  About the other part of the brain it says:  ” …spirit reacts in the same way to everything it knowsis true and does not respond to anything else….It knows that what is true is everything that God created.  It is in complete and direct communication with every aspect of creation….”

For some of us, even to understand any of that we have to be in our “right brain”.  Your logical side just can’t grasp such abstract and intangible concepts.  If this felt over your head, do a cretivity workout right now and then come back to it and see if it makes more sense, seriously!  Do the “Cover a Page With Color” workout.  All you have to do is grab a piece of paper and any color crayon, marker or anything.  Look at the clock and spend the next 5-10 minutes (no less than 5) doodling that color on the paper. If you don’t have color just use a pen or pencil–this is called “Drawing is Energy”.  Resist the urge to stop doodling at minute 3–that is your left brain voice telling you that you have too much other stuff to do…just keep making marks (see GALLERY page on site for examples).  Now read this.

Two quick points, because your spiritual life is very personal and I am not promoting any certain beliefs.  FIRST, to have a dynamic spiritual life, one that is working for you, you have to be tuned in to your right brain voice.  The left voice doesn’t get it.  It is ego.  It is about control and logic.  You can’t fit spirit inside that kind of box.  So, you have to move to another side of your brain to pick up the signal, so to speak.  I love reading Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss and many others.  But I can’t be in logical/rational mode when I am reading their words.  I have to be in a place of humility, acceptance, openness, and imagination to even try to comprehend the depth of their message.

SECOND, in order to hear the insight, inspiration and wisdom that can only come from a greater source (whatever that is for you), you have to be in a right brain fram of mind.  This is what Liz Gilbert talks about in her speech (if you have not listened to it, go to and search Liz Gilbert).  If you want any kind of performance (whether it be a business proposal, a book proposal, a athletic performance, a connection with your teenager, an award-winning screen play or a successful annual meeting) to reach the status of “phenomenal!” “inspired!”  “Brilliant”  “a true break through”…you need to access your right brain power. 

Think of your mind as those old telephone switch boards.  You have your left brain operator and your right brain operator.  Your left brain operator is busy constantly getting calls, “Hold, please. Hold, please.  Hold, please.”  Your left brain is getting calls like, turn right at the next stop sign, don’t forget to send that e-mail, shoot! I didn’t take the chicken out of the freezer, what if I get laid off?, how am I going to pay those bills….  Your right brain operator is hanging out, filing her nails, because she is not getting any calls.  As soon as you give her something to do (a creativity workout), she makes the connection.  Now you are ready to receive “divine inspiration”, the “ah-hah” moment, the “coincidence”.  There are other ways to make the connections:turning on music (certainly turning off the news!), scented candles or incense (anything that engages the senses accesses the right side), looking at anything visually interesting (go to a museum, a fabric store, etc.).  The goal is to become completely present.  Then you are connected.

I do KNOW FOR SURE that life is A LOT of magic!  There is A LOT we can’t explain.  If that threatens you, that is your ego reacting.  If it doesn’t, it simply means that we have access to the unexplainable.  This is not an easy concept for everyone, so no worries if this is too “woo-woo” for you.  Just try to open up to the possibility a little bit and let me knwo what happens.  It is a fun way to live, I can tell you that from experience.  MIRACLES do happen and we can increase their frequency by expecting them.

Create a miracle–maybe you can create the miracle for someone else.  Give that person a chance when it does not make sense on paper.  Pass along info. to a friend that might help another.  A new friend of mine, John Cimino, just let me kow that he had shared my book with a couple of people, including the Director of the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education!!!!  Thanks, John!  How amazing!  John is creating miracles for me!  I met John because Sarah Caldicott-Miller ( introduced us over an e-mail.  I spoke with Sarah because I emailed her from the website where she will be a keynote speaker and where I will NOW be a presenter!  Amazing!  Are you inspired yet?  I hope so!  Go work out your creative muscles and let me know the miracles that happen!

Creatively yours, Whitney

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I really liked your blog! Keep the articles coming I am going to pass your site to others.

Comment by Harry

Harry, Thanks so much for spreading the word! Have you read my book? Thanks for the comment!

Comment by creativelyfit

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