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Creativelyfit in the Corporate World
April 4, 2009, 1:04 pm
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Creatively Fit in the Corporate World!

Creatively Fit in the Corporate World!

 “If I can show the business world how the arts and creativity can help their bottom line, then they will be that much more likely to support the arts and art education in their communitities.”  This thought first entered my mind in 1996 as I was opening The Creative Fitness Center.  Since then I have worked with businesses such as American Express, the YMCA, Columbia HCA, Bank of America, US Hospitality, Gaylord Entertainment and many more. 

The image above is an example of our Group Mural Project.  Participants are given a laminated 3″ x 4″ square with a number on the back and a design on the front.  If all the laminated squares were put together in the proper order, it would be like a puzzle.  The image is either created by myself or another artist for the occasion or one of our images from the “library” is used.  During the exercise the participants copy the design on their little laminated square onto a larger paper or canvas board.  The anticipation builds as they circle around to see what they have created (I do not show them the original piece until after theirs is done–so they have no idea what they just created).

In the end, is this magnificent, large mural that has a cubist quality to it since each square was created by a different person.  You can see from the image above (more on my site’s GALLERY page) how miraculously the design fits together!  WHAT THEY LEARN is this:  FIRST, most adults would have said at the beginning, “I can’t paint.  I’m not artistic.”  Well, if they did one or two squares, they could have done 6-10 squares; they could have copied ALL of the squares.  They ARE creative and artisitic!  They think, “What else have I been telling myself that I can’t do?’  What are YOUR limiting beliefs?  Challenge them!  They are nothing but a smoke screen keeping you from your dreams!

SECOND, one of those sqaures on their own is nothing fabulous, but put them all together and it is truly a masterpiece!  The Sommet Group is not one person.  It needs everyone working together to make it successful.  The more that is accomplished, the more success will be experienced!  Likewise, just like the different colors and brushstrokes, each “team member” brings a different skill set to the table.  The more effectively an organization can harness the individual talents the more they will be able to inpact their industry.  This mural is hanging in their training room.  They reference it at almost every meeting because of its symbolism.  What about your training room?

Please contact me if you have an organization that could us a little creative team building.  There is not an organization or business out there right now that can afford not to nurture and develop their corporate creativity.  Your ability to change in these changing times is vital to your existence. 

Creatively Fit Corporate Creativity Workshops:

Group Mural, Painting Made Easy (see Paint Kit tab on GALLERY page for an example of my step-by-step), or my INTERACTIVE Keynote Presentation for your next annual meeting or convention. (send this link to your friends in the corporate world–we need them to get to know their “Artist Within”.)

Creativity is ELEMENTAL and INFINITE.  It is the foundation of everything and within it are infinite possibilities.  If your organization is not creative it is stagnant and it will die.  If your organization is creative the sky is the limit!

Creatively yours, Whitney

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