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The FEAR of Change…
April 30, 2009, 3:07 pm
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04-30-1-2Meet your “Artist Within”.

This past weekend I had the pleasure to hold an Artist Within Workshop at our Downtown Library in Nashville.  First of all, the space is gorgeous!  Amazing that it was just built 6 or so years ago when it looks like it has been there forever.  Not a detail was missed!  It reflects true artistry.

Anyway, I had a blast sharing stories about my creative journey and my insights into our national need for some serious right brain workouts.

I reassured my audience with the story of how I ordered all the wrong color paints when I first opened The Creative Fitness Center back in 1996!  I mean, really!  I was so confused looking through my wholesale catalog of paints that I truly guessed and ended up with colors like mauve and ochre for the Oil Painting Class.  When I showed the teacher what she had to work with she almost choked!  I was no “Picasso”!!!  That is how little I knew when I opened my art center.  That should give you hope! 

At the end of the workshop, a woman came up to me and explained how much she hated her job of ten years, but how afraid she was to quit right now.  “Will your book help me with this?” she asked.  “YES!”  With each flexing of your right brain muscle, you will feel more confident in your ability to create change.  I reassured her that it did not mean that she had to turn in her notice the next day.  What it did mean is that she could start opening up to the concept of changing jobs.  Instead of saying “I am afraid to leave…,” why not say, “I am excited for what new opportunities come my way so that I can leave my current job.”  I told her to reach out to some people.  Stay tuned to the little voice in your head as it brings someone to your mind it knows you should contact.  Take a class.  Google something online.  Take actions, brush strokes, if you will, to start to create subtle change.  One after another, these small steps will lead to something bigger.

I am currently working on new designs for my CREATE Change Paint Kits.  I am considering using the above design to symbolize our ability to CREATE Connection.  If you want something to change in your life; if you have an idea you would like see come to frutition, reach out to others to help you.  Don’t become an island.  Connect with others with similar interestes.  Pick their brains.  Collaborate with them.  Help them.  Then, they will help you.

I have currently reached out to a coaching group for women entrepreneurs called Big Fish Nation.  Check it out.  I also met with a friend who works at our National Public Television (NPT) station about the “Creatively Fit Minute”.  You never know what is going to lead to something else. 

My SHOP is almost online as I type this.  Hopefully, by the time you are reading this you can check it out at  Spread the word!  We are CREATING Change!  woo-hoo!

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