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Create Bold Action-Come to CPSI!

Whitney Ferre' PACE Presenter at this year's CPSI!

I am so excited to attend this year’s CPSI Conference, the annual conference of the CEF, Creativity Education Foundation.  Since I first learned about CPSI, only in Feb. of this year (!!!!), I have connected with several “superstars” in the CPSI world.  First, Sarah Caldicott-Miller, of How to Innovate Like Edison, agreed to speak with me on the phone.  She is so generous and inspiring.  She introduced me to John Cimino whose Creative Leaps and “Concert of Ideas” have serenaded CPSI many, many times.  Then, Gregg Fraley and I got introduced, somehow, and it turns out his U.S. home is in the same Michigan small town outside of Chicago where my parents live and where I just spoke at a library fundraiser!  There are no coincidences!  I believe that.  I am currently devouring Jack’s Notebook by Gregg Fraley and encourage all of you to order it right away!  It is a business NOVEL and is fascinating and full of great info.  John Cimino and I are meeting with a fun group in NYC next Wednesday for lunch, including a gentleman who is the Director of Arts Education at the Lincoln Center for the Arts.  So, before I have even set foot at the CPSI Conference, I am already creating such meaningful connections and look forward to the evolution of my relationship with this dynamic, forward thinking, sincere organization.  Join us in Boston June 21-24!  Go to .

Check out the blogs below of other CPSI leaders.

Creatively yours, Whitney Ferre’

CPSI Conference

California Retreat Oct. 2009!!!

My Artist Within...this week


The Voice of Bold Action

October 9th-12th 2009 .  Northern California

with Whitney Ferré

Author of The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit


There are moments in our lifetimes when we have a choice.  It is a choice between bold action or no action.  This retreat is about finding the voice that will inspire you to bold action in your personal, business, and spiritual life.  In this left-brain world, the voice in our heads is our left brain voice.  While this voice is valuable it is the “inner critic” and the worrier.  Your right brain voice, your ARTIST WITHIN, is the voice of unlimited potential.  It is the voice that whispers, “You ARE capable of greatness,” “It is safe to pursue your dreams.”

MC Yogi sings about Ghandi who once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  MC Yogi serenades us with, “Mahatma it means ‘GREAT SOUL’ and it’s inside of us just waiting to unfold. If you follow your heart and act real bold, next time it will be your story that is told.”

 You have a story that is waiting to unfold.  Join us in the pristine and inspiring surroundings of Northern California where we will create the memory of a lifetime and launch your own personal mission to create the life of your dreams!

Where we will be!  Dutch Flat, CA

 During the three day workshop you will create change on the blank canvas and the paper while physiologically accessing the part of our mind that will empower us to create change on the canvas that is our life!

Our creative exercises will include a mixed media painting that will embody the elements we want to manifest in our lives and an image of our “Artist Within” & a “Creatively Fit Sketchbook” within which you will create and store your “Creativity Workouts” and learn how to access your subconscious for bold ideas and motivation, create a vision for your future, and meditate to relax and erase stress.  We will compliment our studio time with walks in the woods, quiet time by the lake, & centering yoga sessions to relax and unwind.

 Email or from for details.

The Change you Desire… within your reach!

Somaly Mam Inspiration

So, I happen to be a woman on a mission!  This is not always easy!  I careen between thoughts of “Who do I think I am?” & “Watch out world!”  It is scary to commit to creating the ideas and dreams into your head into reality.  What if it does not work?  What if people don’t buy?  What if I go into debt?  What if…what if….  I am talking on the phone this morning with a woman in Chicago who is part of the Catalyst Ranch team and who is a business consultant.  I checked out her site last night and her resume intimidated me.  She has worked for major corporations (I have only ever worked for myself); she has multiple degrees (I only have a “Bachelor of General Studies” from Univ. of Michigan).  “Who am I to think that I have anything that she needs?”  You get the picture.  But then, I look back down at my most current project.  It is a portrait inspired by Somaly Mam.  It is my next CREATE Change Paint Kit:  Create Unity.  Somaly Mam was sold into sexual slavery at age 12 in Cambodia and escaped years later.  You all have probably heard of her.  She was featured in a recent Time Magazine 100 Most Influential or something like that.  Angelina Jolie wrote the excerpt about Somaly Mam.  She is one of those.   Not only did she survive and escape, but she founded a non-profit organization that rescues women from brothels–4000 so far!  She has made such a difference that brothel owners even kidnapped and raped Somaly’s then 14 year old daughter in 2006!!!  Did Somaly abandon her mission. No!  I almost cry every time I tell people that part of the story.  What did she say to her daughter?  There is no doubt that she loves her daughter so, so much, but she is on a mission.  She is shining the light on a BIGGER issue.  My thought is that as long as there are women being abused and enslaved none of us are truly free…think about that.  There are women who see the same sun we see every morning and the same moon, breathe the same air, and share our global consciousness who are being raped at the whim of the men around them!

So this is my life… I started out to write about the Abstract Painting Workshop I taught this weekend and now I am all fired up about saving women!  My point?

My point is that we are all connected and we can access the part of our mind that can grasp this AND empower us to make a difference, to shut down the fear and take the steps forward, by PAINTING!  Seriously!  Creative activity WORKS OUT your right brain muscle. It gets stronger just like our physical muscles do when we go to the gym.  Does it happen instantly?  No.  Just like at the gym.

I want the world to realize that if they fear the change they envision in their head, but can’t get it out, that they can DO something about it.  This is the concept that pushes away my inner left-brain voice that tells me I am not good enough, qualified enough, etc.  This is bigger than me.  When you attach yourself to a cause that is bigger than you, like Somaly Mam, amazing things can happen.

Go listen to MC Yogi’s song, “Be the Change”.  There are too many problems around ALL of us to be mentally lazy and to not pursue our further mental development.

My webstore is up!  So excited!  It has been years and years coming, but i always knew it would exist–right brain.  Please go there and order a paint kit!  Work out your right brain muscle and then e-mail me to tell me the change you want to create.  We will hold eachother accountable.  Below are images from the Painting Workshop I held this weekend in Nashville.  E-mail us if you would like to schedule Whitney for a workshop in your community.  It is all about small steps, one bicep/mental curl at a time and we will claim our true power!

Whitney's Abstract Painting Class! IMG_2352

Think about the women in Cambodia.  Send Somaly Mam supportive, peaceful, strengthening thoughts.  Go to Stay tuned for the Create UNITY paint kit — at least $4 per kit is going to go to her organization!  I am so excited to be able to help any little way possible.  Please subscribe to this post so you get notifications when I create a new entry!  Create ANYTHING today and let me know how good it feels! For starters, create a MANDALA like the one below.  It is an ancient centering, meditative practice.  It will strengthen your right brain so your Artist Within can speak!  ~Whitney

Somaly Mam

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Left Brain=Ego Right=One with all!

Hello, Everyone!  On this lovely Mother’s Day I have indulged in a yummyall_rebel_rockers_404

home yoga session.  The vibes of Michael Franti have inspired such peace and relaxation that I had to share!  Go to to download this month’s playlist to listen to as you stretch like a yogi or just groove on the meditations of this thing called life.  The music in this playlist connected me to my Artist Within, the voice that sings in the chorus of which we are all a part.  Sounds hokey, but your Artist Within is not fearful, alone or hopeless.  It resonates with the musicians as they sing, “Love is My Religion”-Ziggy Marley or “Be the Change you want to see in your world”-MC Yogi quoting Ghandi.  MC Yogi encourages all of us to be the change, aim for greatness.  As Marianne Williamson says, “who are you not to be”.


Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!  Here’s to tapping into our oneness–if you know someone who may feel alone today, reach out.  CREATE change!

If you would like to explore how Whitney can share her inspirational message and her technique for accessing the right brain Artist Within to inspire greatness in your personal or business life, contact her at AND buy her book, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit.

Create a Life with Meaning
Speaking in Three Oaks, MI

Speaking in Three Oaks, MI

This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at a library fundraiser in Three Oaks, MI.  I love to speak to groups and to get them excited about the potential in their lives!  I am getting more and more excited every day about the opportunities I have to meet new people, share The Artist Within perspective, and to make people smile!

I wasn't at the Derby, but...

Since I don’t have a fancy hat collection of my own, I had a blast trying on someone else’s collection.  We had watched the Kentucky Derby the night before.  Did you see it?  It was a total upset!  The horse that won (something like “Save that Bird”–what a weird name!?!?) had odds of 52-1!  He came from behind, hugging the inside rail, and just flew past the horses in the lead in the last leg of the race!  That what is so fun about any sporting event–the fact that regardless of the past, at the beginning of the race or contest, each player is starting at ground zero.  In that moment they each have just as much a chance as the other.  How much do we love when the “underdog” ends up on top!?!?

Does that sound too Cinderella?  Well, dreams really do come true; they just don’t always play out the way you would imagine.  Last night Christy (biz partner in Rumours Wine Bar & VP of Creatively Fit) and I were manning our booth at a local event, Iron Fork put on by the Nashville Scene.  There is a chef competition and restaurants serving up samples.  We decided to be nothing but SWEET and brought a selection of our desserts from Rumours.   We probably had the simplest set-up and no table decor, but our white chocolate mousse and “Elvis Cupcakes” became quite the buzz.  Christy and I have been the most unexpected restaurateurs, starting with so little capital, no restaurant ownership experience, and with our biggest goal to CREATE an envirnoment that exudes the ART of Community . Food. Wine!  Recently we also went through the “process” of separating from the second wine bar we opened, designed, created…in order to live truer to our intentions.  It has been a humbling, learning, growing experience.  So, last night, in front of the Nashville restaurant scene we caused quite a stir with simply the energy and enthusiasm we brought to the event.  We made so, so many people smile as they bit into the “silly good” mousse and Elvis Cake that we promised would be a “spiritual experience”. 

One of my favorite parts of owning the wine bar is the opportunity I have daily to serve people.  In the moment, it has nothing to do with profit margins or bottom lines, but it has everything to do with whether or not we are providing our guest with an inspiring, fun, and memorable experience.  I truly believe you can do that in whatever you do, but it IS a right brain experience.  It is within the realm of your Artist Within. 

I am reading a new book as a part of the Big Fish women’s entrepreneur program I am in, entitled Zen Entrepreneurship, by Riz Virk.  I am only a handful of pages into it, but I can already tell that EVERYONE should read this book.  It takes the left-brain world of business and re-introduces is in the light of the “Career Warrior”.   It promotes that your life IS an epic adventure and that by weaving the spiritual (right brain/Artist Within) side of life into everything you do on the business side that you can achieve greater success both financially and personally.  It is WHOLE BRAIN stuff that leads to a life that is lived completely, with meaning, and with joy!

I had a vision this morning of “making the corporate world safe for people”.  There is a way to be a part of big business and preserve integrity, joy, meaning and spirituality!  I do believe you can CREATE a work place that you are excited about and a business mission that inspires and creates joy–regardless of the nature of the job.  YOU can start today just by looking at the ways you can serve the people in the offices or cubicles around you; how you can serve your clients and make them smile!  If those results become just as important as the numeric results, then you will have CREATED a life with meaning.  CREATE smiles today!  Thank you for spreading the joy that lies within your own mind–The Artist Within.

Creatively yours, Whitney