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Speaking in Three Oaks, MI

Speaking in Three Oaks, MI

This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at a library fundraiser in Three Oaks, MI.  I love to speak to groups and to get them excited about the potential in their lives!  I am getting more and more excited every day about the opportunities I have to meet new people, share The Artist Within perspective, and to make people smile!

I wasn't at the Derby, but...

Since I don’t have a fancy hat collection of my own, I had a blast trying on someone else’s collection.  We had watched the Kentucky Derby the night before.  Did you see it?  It was a total upset!  The horse that won (something like “Save that Bird”–what a weird name!?!?) had odds of 52-1!  He came from behind, hugging the inside rail, and just flew past the horses in the lead in the last leg of the race!  That what is so fun about any sporting event–the fact that regardless of the past, at the beginning of the race or contest, each player is starting at ground zero.  In that moment they each have just as much a chance as the other.  How much do we love when the “underdog” ends up on top!?!?

Does that sound too Cinderella?  Well, dreams really do come true; they just don’t always play out the way you would imagine.  Last night Christy (biz partner in Rumours Wine Bar & VP of Creatively Fit) and I were manning our booth at a local event, Iron Fork put on by the Nashville Scene.  There is a chef competition and restaurants serving up samples.  We decided to be nothing but SWEET and brought a selection of our desserts from Rumours.   We probably had the simplest set-up and no table decor, but our white chocolate mousse and “Elvis Cupcakes” became quite the buzz.  Christy and I have been the most unexpected restaurateurs, starting with so little capital, no restaurant ownership experience, and with our biggest goal to CREATE an envirnoment that exudes the ART of Community . Food. Wine!  Recently we also went through the “process” of separating from the second wine bar we opened, designed, created…in order to live truer to our intentions.  It has been a humbling, learning, growing experience.  So, last night, in front of the Nashville restaurant scene we caused quite a stir with simply the energy and enthusiasm we brought to the event.  We made so, so many people smile as they bit into the “silly good” mousse and Elvis Cake that we promised would be a “spiritual experience”. 

One of my favorite parts of owning the wine bar is the opportunity I have daily to serve people.  In the moment, it has nothing to do with profit margins or bottom lines, but it has everything to do with whether or not we are providing our guest with an inspiring, fun, and memorable experience.  I truly believe you can do that in whatever you do, but it IS a right brain experience.  It is within the realm of your Artist Within. 

I am reading a new book as a part of the Big Fish women’s entrepreneur program I am in, entitled Zen Entrepreneurship, by Riz Virk.  I am only a handful of pages into it, but I can already tell that EVERYONE should read this book.  It takes the left-brain world of business and re-introduces is in the light of the “Career Warrior”.   It promotes that your life IS an epic adventure and that by weaving the spiritual (right brain/Artist Within) side of life into everything you do on the business side that you can achieve greater success both financially and personally.  It is WHOLE BRAIN stuff that leads to a life that is lived completely, with meaning, and with joy!

I had a vision this morning of “making the corporate world safe for people”.  There is a way to be a part of big business and preserve integrity, joy, meaning and spirituality!  I do believe you can CREATE a work place that you are excited about and a business mission that inspires and creates joy–regardless of the nature of the job.  YOU can start today just by looking at the ways you can serve the people in the offices or cubicles around you; how you can serve your clients and make them smile!  If those results become just as important as the numeric results, then you will have CREATED a life with meaning.  CREATE smiles today!  Thank you for spreading the joy that lies within your own mind–The Artist Within.

Creatively yours, Whitney

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love it, you cant have a life with meaning without intention. so great!btw you look adorable in that hat!

Comment by emily knudson

you bring happiness and joy with you everywhere you go, including your job, even if it is at a supermarket.

Comment by Career Education

We loved having you be our featured speaker, Whitney [and the HAT! Dahling…!] Thanking you for your participation, Martha

Comment by Martha

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