The Artist Within – A Guide

Left Brain=Ego Right=One with all!

Hello, Everyone!  On this lovely Mother’s Day I have indulged in a yummyall_rebel_rockers_404

home yoga session.  The vibes of Michael Franti have inspired such peace and relaxation that I had to share!  Go to to download this month’s playlist to listen to as you stretch like a yogi or just groove on the meditations of this thing called life.  The music in this playlist connected me to my Artist Within, the voice that sings in the chorus of which we are all a part.  Sounds hokey, but your Artist Within is not fearful, alone or hopeless.  It resonates with the musicians as they sing, “Love is My Religion”-Ziggy Marley or “Be the Change you want to see in your world”-MC Yogi quoting Ghandi.  MC Yogi encourages all of us to be the change, aim for greatness.  As Marianne Williamson says, “who are you not to be”.


Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!  Here’s to tapping into our oneness–if you know someone who may feel alone today, reach out.  CREATE change!

If you would like to explore how Whitney can share her inspirational message and her technique for accessing the right brain Artist Within to inspire greatness in your personal or business life, contact her at AND buy her book, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit.

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