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Your Ocean Potential!
June 8, 2009, 2:09 pm
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Your Potential is as Wide, as Deep....

I just spent a week at the beach after returning home from NYC the night before our FL departure!  I have the fullest next two months EVER and an entire week at the beach started to make me nervous as my inner to-do list swept over my consciousness as the waves lapped up on the shore on which I reclined.  I thought maybe some of you might feel this way at times.  This is how I manage….

I read a quote once about how when we are feeling overwhelmed that we can access our hidden well of potential that is as wide, as deep, and as expansive as the entire ocean.  It said we literally have THAT MUCH within us from which we can draw strength, inspiration, and energy.  Does that make sense?   Could you explain that to your accountant?  Can you take that to the bank?  No.  That means that you are in right brain territory.

To give you an idea:  on my to do list is re-vamp website, finish production of second paint kit, plan youth art camp being held next week, finalize my CPSI Conference presentation, follow up with NYC contacts, paint a commissioned painting, catch up on accounting since January, learn Quick Books, travel to CPSI in Boston, get ready for month long family West Coast tour (including speaking event, book signing, art workshop), kick off first Creatively Fit Marathon, promote October N. CA retreat…oh, and take care of 3 kids that are now on summer break, co-run a restaurant ( a husband, a house, pack, etc.

Whew!  I can access that overwhelming anxiety at the drop of a hat.  How do I keep my head above water?  I get into my right brain.  I paint.   I do the Creativity Workouts our of my book. I focus on what I can do right now.  I make lists to get them out of my head.  I expect miracles.  I remind myself that this crazy journey I am on has been somehow divinely led since 1995 when the idea for The Creative Fitness Center first entered my mind.

Your ocean is ebbing, flowing, waves breaking, depths deepening, all in the realm of your right brain.  It is not about logic, details, or practicalities.  It is ALL about the huge potential that we all have available at our fingertips IF we create the awareness for ourselves. 

Life is a mental game.  In order to excel, even survive, we have to learn some new tricks.  Your right brain voice, your ARTIST WITHIN (check out my book The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit, on or my website has the key to learning more about how you can feel the peace of mind that comes with a larger understanding of your potential and creative power.  Oh, and work out those creative/right brain muscles of yours!  ~Whitney

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