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 ancient bird

I read an interesting notation under the image of an ancient sculpture of a water bird.  The shamans from whatever primitve civilization considered the water bird to provide access to a portal to the “other side” from which they could solve problems.

My biggest motivation in promoting your Artist Within, is in expanding people’s awareness about the power of our minds.  I believe the analogy of the “right/left brain” is “logical” enough for people to apply to their daily routine and can provide a PORTAL to an entirely different way of thinking.

One of my favorite comments that Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor made in her 2008 speech is that we are a completely different person in our right brain than we are in our left.  They have such distinct personalities, voices, perspectives and ideas that they could almost be considered two different people.

I know you know how it feels when you “lose it”.  Any of you moms out there know what I am talking about.  It is never a proud moment.  Usually I am overwhelmed by the tasks at hand and I experience a temporary emotional collapse.  This is when I need to access  that other side.  For me, my Artist Within has provided a portal through which I can access a peace of mind that is not always available to me in my left brain.

I have thought lately about that movie “Duplicity” with Michael Keaton.  I think, “how great would that be!?!?” Then, there would be one of me to take care of the kids and another to do my work!  As you recall, it did not work out so well in the movie.  Truth is, we have that other person waiting to help us and provide a well of patience, inspiration and vision.  Amazingly enough you can get to it by just scribbling color on paper.  Give your right brain something to do and your Artist Within comes to life and fills you up with new energy.

Go to the Creativity Workout section of this blog to see examples of these exercises.  What do you have to lose.

My book, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit, is available from this website, and online at or and in Barnes & Nobles all over the country.  Let me know your stories!

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