The Artist Within – A Guide

Create Your Mission Statement…

Does this communicate INSPIRE?

I have recently been launched into the new world of “coaching”!  I am part of an amazing organization called Big Fish (  A huge theme is to get laser beam focused on the Who? What?  & How? of what you do.  I have been a “broad brushstroke girl” my entire life.  I graduated from University of Michigan with a Bachelor of General Studies.  I currently am a restaurateur, an artist, a teacher, and an author.  It goes against every bone in my body to “narrow things down”!  But the last couple of months I have been determined to identify my “niche”.  I wanted to share with you all today my “30 second commercial” that just flowed out of me (read the process below) today on the plane from Nashville to Chicago, on my way to Boston:

“I coach individuals and organizations who want to be INSPIRED!

By introducing them to their ARTIST WITHIN & the language of the RIGHT BRAIN, I expand their awareness of how right brain thinking completes our logical & linear left brain thinking.  As my clients become CREATIVELY FIT they are able to access an entirely new source of inspired & innovative ENERGY.”

I can’t tell you how right this feels!  How can you create you create your “30 second commercial”?  Follow the CPS method created by the founders of the Creativity Education Foundation (I am on my way to present at their annual CPSI Conference in Boston!).  Basically, make a list, a long list.  Do not judge or edit it.  Write whatever comes to mind about what and why and how you do what you do–or WANT to do.  As the list grows it will become clearer.  Most of us would sit down and want our thoughts to immediately produce the desired result.  We are not patient enough.  By taking the extra minutes to freely list your thoughts you will arrive at the best synthesis of words.

For more about this technique, I HIGHLY recommend a book written by Gregg Fraley entitled, Jack’s Notebook.  It is a “business novel” that is SO fun and easy to read, but that illustrates clearly and simply the technique to creating change in your life and creating focus so that you can achieve your dreams.  You will love it.  OK, off to Boston (where I am going to meet Gregg Fraley!).

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Great insight! I think creative fitness should be part of every corporate training- especially leadership training!

Comment by Susan Hahn

Because I’ve read a career counselor named Barbara Sher, one of the grandmasters of practical coaching, I’ve also identified myself as as “scanner.” It’s her word for the multi-talented, eclectic “good at everything” type of “over-talented” person. Sher wrote a great book on this called “Refuse to Choose” with some fantastic templates showing how other multi-talents solved their multi-issues. It’s quite a read. I hear that she’s working on another common issue for scanners, which is how to get past self-imposed resistance.

Glad to meet you! C’mon over to my world at I’m @learncreativity on Twitter. Even though I’m not a “coach” per se, I’ve got some pathways to mentor. Since I’m a writer who specializes in simplification, maybe I can simplify for you?

For instance, take a peek and tell me what you think of how I’ve simplified Alexander Technique.

Comment by Franis Engel

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