The Artist Within – A Guide

Feeling Overwhelmed?

me ptg at Redwoods

I have been trying to “blog” for weeks!  (This is me painting in the REdwood NAtional PArk in N. CA.) I have had a very full May/June/July.  For those of you who have been BUSY or have felt overwhelmed, this is for you!

Being creatively fit helps me handle, or juggle, everything I have going on.  It is about your right brain muscle being strong and “in shape” so that it can compliment your left-brain thinking the way God intended.  In our Modern Era, we live in a very left-brain world.  It is complicated.  We are all juggling a lot.  While our left brain voice helps us stay on schedule, pay bills on time, service our cars, schedule appointments, answer emails, get dinner on the table, etc. our right brain helps to keep us to be present, focused on the big picture and not overwhelmed by details.  This right brain voice, I call it our Artist Within, is closer to your subconscious/intuition and does not see you as separate from the world around you, as does your left-brain/ego-driven voice. 

A HUGE part of handling the stress of our modern age is learning how to stay totally PRESENT.  There has to be planning time and attention to detail, but then there is the time where you have to focus on what you can control or what you are involved in at that moment.  Do THAT really well.

To give you an idea fo my life since May 27th…I have been to the Book Expo in NYC, then a week with the kids and my biz partner in Florida, organized a week long art camp for kids in Nashville, attended and presented at the CPSI Conference in Boston, driven cross country with my hub and three kids (Nashville to NE Oregon to Seattle to the Redwoods to Mt. Shasta in N. CA and back to NE Oregon),

driving cross country

and am now in Portland to network and promote my July 30th Borders book signing in Portland, OR.  All the while trying to keep up with the blog, the tweeting, the facebook, the 1st EVER Creatively Fit Marathon (stay tuned!), co-running the wine bar and turning in the manuscript for 33 Things to Raise Creatively Fit Kids! 

I tell you all of this to say, “I have a tool that can help you handle this crazy world!  It is in your right brain.  Its voice is your Artist Within.”  My book, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit shows you exactly how easy it is to develop this mental ability many creativity experts are calling THE 21st Century Skill.  Dan Pink’s best selling book, A Whole New Mind, Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future is declaring the Information Age over and The Conceptual Age dawning.  Right brain skills are going to be our individual, corporate and national competitive edge.  Businesses need to nurture right brain thinking in their organizations to survive the current economic climate just as individuals need to master it to handle our complicated existence. 

There are personal and corporate coaches out there to help.  The CPSI Organization, part of the Creative Education Foundation, has a wealth of resources for you.  Tune in to right brain thinking and your Artist Within.  It is a buzz right now everywhere. Then, learn how to access and strengthen this ability for yourself. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you are in your left brain and you need to get into your right.  Go to the Creativity Workout section of this blog and start to become CREATIVELY FIT.  Buy my book at  Enjoy a new perspective….your life is art and you are the artist!

Portland Book Signing at Borders in Tigard July 30th 7p.

Artist Within Retreat “Your Voice of Bold Action” in N. CA Oct. 9-13th

Creatively yours, Whitney

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