The Artist Within – A Guide

Your life as ART!
August 13, 2009, 12:11 pm
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In Nashville, kids go back to school Friday and my favorite time of year is around the corner–Fall!  This is MY new year.  This is when I make my resolutions, reestablish a schedule, set new goals, lay out my calendar and make some change happen!

Marcia Baldwin Artist  $550

Marcia Baldwin Artist $550

~Go to to view more of her work-buy art!~

I wanted to share a key to my ability to get so much done consistently.  I use the Principles of Design as a guide, just as artists do when they are creating.  They are CONTRAST . UNITY . BALANCE . PROPORTION . HARMONY . REPETITION . RHYTHM . EMPHASIS.  The way I remember them all?  The acronym:  Can You Be Prepared to Harness Really Radical Energy? 

Your Artist Within understands intuitively these design principles.  I can tell you for me this fall the ones that are jumping out are Harmony (because I am going to picture myself easily floating with the current), EMPHASIS (because I am going to focus on my book and its readers and how I can help them the most), and RHYTHM (because I am going to have a schedule that allows me time for each element of my life).

FIRST, admit to yourself right now that your life IS a piece of art and YOU are the artist!  Every action is a brush stroke, each experience a color….Make it a masterpiece!  ~Whitney

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