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August 18, 2009, 7:17 pm
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12th South ConcertsThe 2nd Annual 12th South Concerts kicked off this past Saturday night in my neighborhood park here in Nashville.  The most extraordinary part about this concert series is that I started it just last year!  Now, mind you, I DID NOT move to “Music City” for a music career.  Apparently I don’t know how to carry a tune–even though I think I sound pretty stellar!  So my ARTIST WITHIN really surprised me when we launched a campaign, just last June, to start this concert series.  Once again, completely unqualified, but passionate, ME set about to create CHANGE!  When you let your Artist Within take over, it is amazing the people that rise up to help you and the “coincidences” that take place to see your vision come to fruition.  Last summer we held 4 concerts that were attended by an average of 300 people each night.  This entire concept had come about because of a thought I had watching my musician friends play in a small local club, “I bet I could get a lot more people in front of these guys if I got them to the park.”  Voila!

My business partner and I spearheaded the entire concert last year down to the fundraising, staging, etc.  This year, we barely did a thing sincer I was travelling so much on the west coast to promote the book.  Before I left I simply made sure that the momentum was there and others stepped up to continue the tradition.  Fun was had by all!


How would you like to CREATE Community in your neighborhood.  Remember, left brain is ego and right brain is “one with the universe”.  Any community bonds you can create are going to promote right brain thinking and feeling.  You create connectedness instead of separate-ness (word?).  You could CREATE Community in your child’s school, your workplace, your neighborhood….  I have a student, MLR, who helped to create a HUGE neighborhood arts festival.  I attended it this year and could not believe the magnitude.  I met an amazing artist who had never shown his work in public before and was getting tons of attention.  Our arts museum was there and ethnic dance and arts groups.  Amazing!   This was a big creative workout!  On a smaller note, one fall my husband and I hosted a soup night for my Kindergartener’s class.  Anyone could come and enjoy soup–easy!  Those parents that came that one night are still on a different level of friendship than others.  You can keep it simple and cater to your interestes and passions.  Try it.  Then, let me know.  I promise, it will be so incredibly rewarding.

I got an email yesterday from a reader who was one-week in to The Artist Within.  She had been interested in the arts through college, but chose a career in the medical field and now, at age 42, has spent years longing to rediscover her creative energy.  Since she started reading The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit, she has felt a shift, movement.  She is excited.  She thanked me for providing her with the path to rediscover her inspired self.  Yeah!  That makes my day.  Let me know your experience.  Work out your right brain…click on the Creativity Workout section of this blog, and notice as your right brain muscles get stronger your increased energy and enthusiasm towards creating CHANGE. 

Off to teach Painting Made Easy tonight!  Check out the Northern CA retreat I am holding this October under the workshops and retreats section of the blog.  It is going to be incredible!  ~Whitney

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