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My Creativity Workout This Weekend
August 23, 2009, 10:21 pm
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Creativity Workout Print

This weekend I MADE time to work out my right brain muscle. I do this to access my Artist Within voice.  She is completely stress-free, inspired, excited, motivated by may passions, rather than discouraged by logisitics and details, and connected to spirit!  I love my Artist Within! 🙂 

OK, I’ll show you the very basic little scribble that led to the expression above.  I just won’t make it as big….

3rd journal page

I am thinking about creating a series of art piececs that, in and of themselves, will be a right brain workout.  Now, of course, looking at any art activates your right brain because of the imagery and the fact that you are focused on that one image (if it grabs your attention) for awhile.  My upcoming series, will go a bit further to help viewers get into their right brain by the nature of the abstraction, the shapes used and the question it will pose…stay tuned–can’t let that out of the bag yet.

Here is the CREATIVITY WORKOUT for you right now:

“Make a Visual List”

In my journal (detail above) I divided the sheet into six sections and quickly scribbled 6 different abstract or “analog” drawings to attempt to answer my question.  So mine was “How do design the PORTAL series?”  Yours might be, “How can I narrow my niche in my biz?”  “How can I bond with my teenager?”  “What am I looking for in a new career, -boyfriend, -home?”  Whatever it is, just start scribling some shapes.  They KEY? (this is a fun key) DON”T THINK too much.  Just make a list (you can do real words if you are not quite creatively fit enough to draw.  No worries.).

That’s all for now.  Have to go check on the rice on the stove and the kids riding in the drive!   Oh, and check back in to see how the new PORTAL series evolves.  I’ll document it here!  ~Whitney

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