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Community ART Event HUGE Success!

WOW!  Was all I had to say by the end of the night last night!  Check out these images!  A picture is worth a thousand words–as they say!

Stack Box full image

Each of these boxes was two feet square!  That made it 40 feet wide and 18 feet high!  Massive!  It was assembled at The Sommet Center in Nashville, TN.  Sadly, it has already been dismantled and its fate is undetermined.  Anyone want an INCREDIBLE public sculpture in their atrium?

stack box close up

Each box was paintind by a member of the Nashville business community.  The event was a production of the Nashville Arts & Business Council, a local chapter of the Americans for the Arts national organization.  Myles Maillie and I created the collaborative sculpture project to illustrate the power we have to CREATE BIG Change when we embrace our creativity and work together! 


We even got Karl Dean, the Mayor of Nashville painting!


Nashville’s Avenue Bank President, Ron Samuels, is an amazing painter!  He had a blast!  Yeah, that’s MY bank!  Love it!  Tell Avenue Bank that Whitney sent you!


That is Myles and me handing boxes up to the guys in the cherry picker.  It was “Stack Box Art Boot Camp”!  I got a work out!  I am creatively fit in a myriad of ways!

Every one of our 130 participants left with a glitter in their eyes last night!  I have herad from several that all they talked about this morning around the “water cooler” was the event last night! 

These types of Corporate Creativity Events are my specialty!  If you would like to infuse your organization, conference, or annual meeting with creative energy (empowering your people to CREATE the  Change you need in your organization) email us at or comment on this post.

We are entering an entirely new age right now. Best selling author Dan Pink calls it The Conceptual Age.  It is one in which right brain skills are what will give us our competitive advantage.  Your organization either fosters this new spirit or faces the repercussions.  We ALL need to be Creatively Fit!  We can help.

Creatively yours, Whitney

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whitney, you are simply awesome…we love you at avenue bank!was lot’s of fun.hope i didn’t cause too much trouble!i will be better next time!congrats on a super successful event.ron

Comment by ron samuels

Ron, you were amazing! So grateful for your participation and your creativity. I am calling David Dahlroos today so I can come visit you all in the office! Thanks for all you do!

Comment by Whitney Ferre

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