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Right Brain Review-The Reader
September 10, 2009, 9:35 pm
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I watched this movie last night–finally!  It was incredible!

If you have not seen it, see it!  If you have seen it, please consider the tragedy of this movie from a right brain perspective.

Regardless of your feelings about an affair between a 15 year old and a (??) 35 year old, they obviously had a special thing.  The fact that the relationship haunted “Michael” the rest of his life is tragic and illustrates an important lesson that your ARTIST WITHIN would like you to notice. 

Michael had the choice many times to create a different scenario than the one of the wounded lover.  He allowed his understandable sadness to taint every relationship in his life.  Instead of learning from his past and moving on–Hannah would not have wanted him to suffer so–he chose to keep it all inside, never sharing or opening up.   Not that it would have been easy, but he became a victim of that affair rather than the artist of his own life. 


Which path do you choose today?  The sunny, green, or grey, dead end? scary_path

I don’t want to get psycho-analytical, but what struck me last night (when I finished the movie at 1:15am!!!) was how much I wished he had created a different experience.  Of course, it would not have made as great a movie, but what can we learn?  A huge issue was that he never shared his love affair with anyone.  He held it in, believing it to be shameful (just as H. hid her illiteracy).  That was a choice he made.  He stayed on the “island of Michael” (left brain-ego), rather than open up and trust the world to support him (“one with the universe” right brain).  He spent his life disconnected when he could have created connectedness.

The painting this movie creates is very dark. Blues and greys, with small glowing dots of light–the good memories that were swallowed up by the darkness. 

Each of you are creating the art that is your life every day. With an understanding of right and left brain, ego v. connectedness, you can consciously choose to create good from bad.  Learning from an experience rather than suffering the memory over and over.  Think about it….

Do you have something in your life that you could transform from obstacle to opportunity?  It is your choice.  Realize that you have two magnificently miraculous and powerful hemispheres in your mind that process things very, very differently. 

If a thought or memory is not serving you well, then you have the ability to process that same experience from the opposite perspective and transform it into a positive.

Anyone who has achieved great things has also experienced the depths of failure.  In the depths is where they learned the lessons they needed to get out of the depth and to the top.  Or, you could stay in the depth, like our poor friend Michael in The Reader.  Really, Hannah did not waste much energy in the past or future.  She was brutally present. 

So, on a happier note…here is a recent “energy drawing” workout I did in my sketchbook!  So fun!  THIS is how you change the way you are thinking and get into the other hemisphere!  Create some fun today, everyone!  ~Whitney

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I like it when you are pyscho-analytical …. so passionate! I strive to see the world the way you do!

I got my Create Change Paint Kit today!! SO excited about the Marathon!

Comment by lisasartjournal

Beautiful. As one who is always playing with uncovering meaning, I appreciate the thoughts of others who share on this level. So, thanks!

And, thanks for sharing the link for your blog on FB. When I get a chance, I’ll link to your blog from mine.

Comment by Melanie

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