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A LOVELY Rainy day in Nashville…

I started out the day (after the kids got on the bus, of course) in my studio painting.  You might think this is my daily routine.  Alas, it is not so.  I purposefully did not turn on the computer to avoid the cascade of virtual communication.  I chose to create a little more space in my mind and picked up the brush. girl gifts

These are paintings I paint as baby gifts.  I have two “girl paintings” commissioned right now, so I checked into my right brain with all of these fun colors swirling around my vision.  Lovely.  As I painted, I listened to a Louise Hay CD.  I splurged a bit in the audio CD section of Borders the other day because I thought I could listen to more books than I can read right now.  It was quite lovely having Louise in my studio on this rainy, Nashville morning with my cup of coffee.

Next, I had a truly new experience for me!

Brain Sync Unfold-Your-Potential

I plugged in to my daughters’ CD player to listen to my new friend, Kelly Howell of Brain Sync.  OK, so my Artist Within is talking to me here.  Kelly started Brain Sync (right/left brain synergy) and has an entire line of products to maximize your mental potential!  It uses brain wave therapy, reproducing Theta brain waves to facilitate “Meditation, Intuition, and Memory”. 

WOW!  Was I in heaven!  I called the number on the CD and promptly ordered 24 of these CD sets to sell on my website–GREAT, AMAZING right brain workouts!  Can’t wait!

After an hour (!!!) of lying on my hallway floor, I remembered my coaching call with my “Big Fish” Coaching Group, headed by Lorin Beller Blake.  They cracked up as I appeared on the call 24 minutes late with my “la-la land voice”.  CONTRAST is one of the Principles of Design and one of the elements I believe to be MOST important in creating a successful, fulfilling, FUN life!  One of my epiphanies lying on the floor of meditation was, “I need this kind of time to contrast my over-active DOER.”  My friends in my coaching group told me the opposite of DOING was called BEING–seriously, I could not even remember!  So great!  I have accpeted that it is A-OK to just “be”! 

During the coaching call (I may get in trouble here) I had started to paint the next layer on my “Portal Series” paintings.  If you join The Artist Within fan page on Facebook, you will see all the step-by-step of this painting and all of my thoughts as I go.  I made a major leap in that painting as a result of my meditation!  Go to for that whole story.  But, here is an image of my studio table this morning: candle, coffee and paints!  Yum!

Portal series in my studio

I was so “peaced-out” by the time I left to have lunch with Christy, that the entire rest of my day had a glowing calmness to it.

Are you itching to paint yet?  Good!  Do it! 

Creatively Yours (& ready for bed), Whitney

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That sounds like such a great day. I just ordered a couple of Kelly Howell CD’s based on your rave reviews! I loved reading about your revelation regarding your paintings on your facebook fan page today! AND am so happy to start the Creatively Fit Marathon!

Comment by lisasartjournal

Hi! So glad you ordered some CD’s. I will be offering them on my website by the end of next week! I am about to send your first “mile” for the marathon. Have fun!

Comment by Whitney Ferre

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