The Artist Within – A Guide

Asheville, NC is Creatively Fit!!!

I am in day 2 of my FIRST EVER trip to Asheville, NC.  What a magical place!  Right Brain thinking is alive and well here with art, galleries, beautiful shops, book stores, drums, cafe’s, chocolate, mountains and friendly people all coated with a spiritual awareness that resonnates from the ground up!

I drove blindly into the center of town and parked within the central commercial district.  Look at the first card I picked out of the stack at a precious little store, “Write On”!

Asheville card

I could not believe the text on the card!  Do you ever feel like her?  Literally, getting into your right brain makes an instant, dramatic difference.  You have room to think, to be….  Next I walked down the street and was accosted by some of my favorite things ever–those star shaped lanterns!  Had to snap a pic:

Asheville Windows

Next, I popped into Terra Nostra Decor.  They had these amazing chairs called POOFS that I would highly recommend (they come in small and large).  I sat in one and confirmed the comfiness.  But, on my way out, this chair caught my eye.  This is what someone should buy for their meditation area.  Doesn’t it just look Cleopatra and Buddha all rolled up in one!?!?  Click on the image to go to–they ship anywhere (as a small biz owner I have to give them some PR!!!).

Asheville meditation chair

Next, I wandered up to Malaprops Book Store on Haywood St.  This is where I am going to have a book signing from noon-2p on October 17th!  This store is so special.  I met the owner, who was an obviously wise and wonderful spirit.  Thank you for your store.  After checking out with my 4 books–LOVE book stores and BOOKS, I proceeded on my visual feast of Asheville.  Here is Malaprops.  Come see me on Oct. 17th!


My next wonderful lstop was at Origami Ink.  This store celebrates the Artist Within from all angles.  You are swept up in new desires to write many letters, create beautiful art from found objects, paint, draw, gift….Lovely.  I met Jonathan there.  So sweet!  I was really attracted to these painted and adorned antique, wooden birds.  I tried to take a photo, but my camera died!  Click on the image below to get to their site.

Asheville, Origami Ink

After a rondevous with old friends in Black Mountain and a pint of the Valdez Coffee brew at a local micro-brewery–so sorry I can’t remember the name right now (It was so cool–in the warehouse where the brewing happens!!!), we went to dinner and I got to tour Blue Spiral Gallery all by myself!  This gallery is incredible!  Here is a view as I ascended the stairs to the extensive upper level!

Asheville Blue Spiral

The only reason I was able to enter is that they were hosting a reception for Andie McDowell (who lives in Asheville–and looks GREAT btw!  I saw her outside the gallery) after she introduced a movie next door at the Fine Arts Theater.  “The Greatest Silence, Rape in the Congo” was the film she introduced.  Andie is CREATING CHANGE in her world!  Thank you for your example!  Inside the gallery I also had the treat of seeing a friend’s artwork!  Emily Leonard is one of my favorite artists.  She is in Nashville, but her work is proudly displayed across the country.  She painted a mural on a wall in our second Rumours Wine Bar.  She is amazing.  Go to  Here is an example of her work!

Emily Leonard

NOW, you all have an assignment from me to go visit an art gallery!  It is so lovely to indulge in the beautiful visions and register your impressions and to what you are attracted.  I had many savory moments last night in that gallery!  Here are some of my favorites:

Asheville Vicki Grant

This is ceramic by artist Vicki Grant.  Look at that crystal in the center, all the texture and subtle colors. 

Below, “Where to…”

Asheville Gallery ships

Where are you going?  How are you getting there?  Which boat would you hop into?  These are all the thoughts that ran through my mind.  Go to to peruse more!  Tell them Whitney sent you.

The painting below is by artist Charles Ladson.  His colors, unique combination of images and subject, and his obvious skill are a visual journey.  The colors are, of course, so much more vibrant (yet still subtle) in person!  I want one!!!

Asheville Charles Ladson

So, now I am sitting at City Bakery after indulging in the Melted Goat sandwich. It had roasted grapes on it, along with arugala and goat cheese.  Yum!  I have never had roasted grapes!  I am anxious to get back out there.  I have to make my next stop the French Broad Chocolate Lounge!  Don’t hate me!  🙂  Stay tuned for the exciting (I am sure it will be) conclusion to my Asheville trip.  Thank you to all of these small businesses for creating such ambience in Asheville and for allwoing me to showcase the ART that is your business!  Cheers!  Whitney

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Was looking up Vicki Grant whose work I fell in love with last month on a visit to Asheville and found you. Lovely post! I didn’t have my camera and my phone didn’t take what I thought it had, so was more than delighted to find your post and pictures!

Comment by Tammy Vitale

Tammy, Thank you so much for your comment! Sorry I am just responding. Did you not fall in love with Asheville!?!? It is operating at a totally different level than most of the rest of the world. Where do you live? What do you sculpt? If youa re on facebook, find us at Thanks, Tammy! Happy New Year! Creative wishes, Whitney

Comment by Whitney Ferre

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