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Asheville to Charlotteslville Adventure!

Chilly, but HAPPY, at LEAF Festival!

Last week I had the amazing opportunity!  My family and I went on a good ol’ ROAD TRIP and created three weeks out of one!  We did so many different things that time seemed to slow down.  Lovely!  The image above is from the LEAF Festival just outside of Asheville, NC.   Check out the extent of camping in the chilly NC mountains!

Thousands and thousands of campers!

IT was an incredible celebration of art, music and world culture!  There was non-stop music at up to 5 different venues from 10a to 2a Friday, Sat. and until 5p Sunday.  It wrapped up with ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!  They were amazing!

Arrested Development at LEAF

What I so respect about AD is that their lyrics are so positive and the presence of Baba is precious.  He struck me as the village elder.  His presence grounded their performance and gave it a spiritual side simply by his presence. Check him out here…you can just feel the wisdom.

Arrested Deve. elder

I had an INCREDIBLE book signing at Malaprops Book Store in downtown Asheville that Saturday.  It was also a welcome break from the cold!  This book store is one of my favorites.  The people are so open and generous with their attention.  I sold books non-stop and met some incredible people!


I had filmed a segment on the News 13 Noon Day Show in Asheville the day before.  It was quick, but fun!  Watch it here:

After we packed up our camping gear and spent the night in a nice, warm hotel in downtown Asheville we popped into the Biltmore to take a look around!  AMAZING!  George Vanderbilt was pretty Creatively Fit–of course with that much time and money….But he did choose to create an amazing legacy that is STILL owned by his heirs!  It is an experience!  Hope you can all get there at some point!


We left there around 2p for the 6.5 hour drive to Williamsburg!  That was a bit tough, but so it goes.  InColonial Williamsburg it is hard to overlook how CREATIVELY FIT our forefathers/mothers were!  Wow!  They have preserved so much of the village of colonial Williamsburg that you really get a feel for their way of life back in the revolutionary period.  We saw carpenters creating exquisite furniture JUST as they did back in the day.  All hand tools, no mechanics.  Incredible!  I write in my book, The Artist Within, about how our right brain deficiency is a new phenomenon, relatively speaking.  Our right brains used to be much stronger because we relied on its faculties so much more when we were CREATORS rather than CONSUMERS.  Williamsburg is living proof. 

A "Backyard" in Colonial Days

Here are my three kids looking into a typical “backyard” in Williamsburg.  You had to have some sheep handy to get the wool to spin the yarn to weave the cloth to make the clothing!!!! 

Next we were off to University of Virginia to visit “big brother Dane”.  I met with the professor who created the Arts Administration Program at UVA, George Sampson.  We had such a dynamic conversation about the importance of taking the arts and creativity out of the box (ironically enough).  He has worked with students from the med school, Darden Business School, the engineering school,etc. to get them thinking about how art and creativity affect their industries.  I felt such a pang of envy as I led myself on a personal tour of the studio arts building, leaving CREATE CHANGE stickers as I went.

On our way home from Charlottesville to Nashville, we stopped at Joel Salatin’s Ployface Farm.  This man has created extraordinary awareness about the significance of small farmers in our country!  I just had to share some of my funnest animal pics ever!

Cute Polyface pigs

Sorry if you are currently eating your bacon for breakfast!  Eggs?

Polyface chicken coop

Joel Salatin knows chickens!

SO I guess that brings you all up to speed.  I am busy, busy creating EMPHASIS in my Creatively Fit mission and am excited to be a guest on two Nashville news shows this week.  Today I film the “Plus Side of Nashville” on Nesw Channel 5 with Tuwanda Coleman and tomorrow is “More at Midday” on Ch. 4 in Nashville!

So, hope you all flex your right brain muscle a bit today.  Be sure to join the Facebook Artist Within page:

I am offering a FREE webinar to all fans (new and not as new) that will be this Friday at 10a CST.  Comment on this blog if you want to chat on Friday with me!  Looking forward to it!  Whitney


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