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Your Life Needs a Trip to the Art Store!!!

photoYour life may just need a trip to the ART STORE!!!  (Fabric stores work great too!)

Last week Heather (the new Creatively Fit VP of Marketing)  & I ran into Plaza Art Supply in Nashville (you can shop online with them at for a couple of items.  We had a BLAST!  Not that I am new to art stores, but Heather is in the beginning stages of her Creatively Fit Program and for her it was not her normal errand. 

The first image above was a display that caught my eye right when we walked in!  I wanted to take a pic of this side.  Heather liked this side:

dye blues

We did not buy any of these yummy looking dyes (don’t eat!!!) YET, but when one of you do, let us know!!!  Jacquard says they are easy to use in cold water and are perfect for dying that white shirt stained with your favorite red wine!! 😉

THEN, we spotted the papers!  My side:

papers reds

Heather’s favorites:

fav green paper

We very deliberately chose our favorite three papers and rushed home to the studio.  We were so excited and energized from the colors and patterns at Plaza!  I PROMISE, even if you don’t buy anything, a trip to your local art store will be FUN & INSPIRING!!!

Here is what the studio table looked like 10 minutes after we got back:

after plaza

That is my Artist Within journal.  I LOVE it!  It is a Moleskine and you should all buy one at  I was so relieved to finally find the perfect journal.

Watch this video for a candid tour of my studio and my journal.  Love being able to share it….

Please join us for more behind the scenes of the Creatively Fit Movement at our fanpage:

Now, when can you go to the art store?  If you go to, tell them Whitney from Nashville sent you! 

Getting Creatively Fit FEELS great.  I am excited for you! 

Creative wishes, Whitney



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