The Artist Within – A Guide

January 15, 2010, 4:48 pm
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Made entirely of tin foil and cardboard.

Made entirely of tin foil and cardboard by James Hampton

Image is made entirely of tin foil and cardboard by James Hampton. This took him 14 years to finish. It was his only project.  This is from the Folk Art Wing.

Navaho Figures by Charlie Willeto

Navaho Figures by Charlie Willeto

Navaho Figures by Charlie Willeto

Adam &Eve by Tm Lewis in sandstone 1998

Adam &Eve by Tm Lewis in sandstone 1998 “Primitive”

Howard Finster “…I’m not here to live a normal life. I’m sent here on a mission as a man of visions.” tap into yours…

"the lord will deliver his people across the Jordan"  by Howard Finster

“the Lord will deliver is people across the Jordan” Howard Finster

Can you have your cake and eat it too?! I think so if you are aligned properly.

What would you build an altar to? Visualize it. This one by Charles Carillo

Where am I?  Where do you want to be? Incredible painting by Albert Bierstadt

Look at these four bad boys…wish we had learned more from the native Americans…by George Catlin

Life was simpler…harder, but more simple. “Water Carriers, Venice” by Frank Duveneck

Sculpture by Hiram Powers…can you imagine sculpting this detail?

Eastman Johnson had a story for this woman…she’s so real &communicates so much! The red…

by Everett Shinn. There is hope …create it.

But, WOW! The 3rd floor is incredible! I’m going to find an outlet to recharge

Amazmg sculpture of brass/bronze symbolizes “world’s communication in Atomic Age” made in 1959

What is it?!? Ellsworth Kelly said, “to he’ll with pictures.”

“Electronic Superhwy” each state represented by images on tv and neon! I’ll give an example…




“Mumbo Jumbo” by Julie Mehretu Life feels like this sometimes… Artist born in Ethiopia

So you sit in a pitch black room with this David Hockney installation & the lights change…wow

Here it is in blues…thx David Hockney. Very calming.

A cube adorned with old tin… I like it. Makes me want to buy tin objects at antique malls…

The Luce Gallery w/in the American Art Museum! nevr seen anything lk it! Signing off 4 now.Thx 4 sharing!

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Great post – This is so close to home, I should get there more often (traffic and parking are reasons to resist). Love that altar by Hampton – every time I see it, it’s an inspiration – they found it in his garage after he died, right?

Comment by Tammy Vitale

So nice of you to share your experience with such great photos!! Thanks

Comment by Kaye Pryor

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