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Look for an Olympic “Right Brain Performance”

I was an athlete growing up, not an “artist”. I love competition and I love that feeling when you are pushing yourself, getting better, faster, stronger. Now, for me, this same energy is channeled into my Creatively  Fit Program and my book, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit.

Life is a mental game. Our thoughts and attitudes shape so much of our reality and nowhere is it better illustrated than in the sports arena.

During this year’s Superbowl, all you had to do was look at the face on Peyton Manning, sitting on the sidelines, to get a feel of who had the upper hand in that competition. The thoughts, images, and beliefs swirling around in your mind play a major role in the outcome of your efforts-regardless of the “arena”.

One of the books that has had the biggest impact on my work is The Breakout Principle by Dr. Herbert Benson. In it, he shows us how we can conjure up the “ah -hah” moment, the “light bulb moment”, the SHAZAM! by realizing how our minds work.  To have such a “breakout” moment, one first has to do the left-brain work.  You have to know the stats, have done the lay-yups, swam the laps, or done the research.  THEN, to get your breakout, you have to do something completely different. You must “sever all previous thought processes to get out of your left brain” and tap new mental power. His first example in the book is of a high powered business consultant in NYC who is hired to perform acts like appointing new CEO’s of major corporations. When this consultant has exhausted all forms of research and data gathering his standard practice is to go back to his hotel room to needlepoint to get his SHAZAM!!! moment! I could not believe that was the first example in the book.  This high power business consultant is using a “creativity exercise” to physiologically change his thinking and tap his subconscious so that the perfect business solution just “pops” into his mind!

NOW, we have the Winter Olympics to watch.  During the last summer Olympics there was a perfect example of a Right Brain Performance. I want to share it with you and then ask you to look for the next one in these Olympic games.

During the summer Olympics of 2008 it was Phelps and co. that provided the Breakout Performance during the men’s 400 free relay.  The Americans were seated 2nd against the French and the U.S. announcer must have repeated five times that he had done the math backward and forwards and that there was NO WAY THE AMERICANS COULD BEAT THE FRENCH.  As I listened to him say this over and over I got more and more excited about the potential to witness a true right brain performance. The US swimmers knew all those stats.  They knew that even if they each swam their best times ever and the French each swam their worst times ever that they still could not win.  So what did they do?

They TUNED OUT THAT LEFT BRAIN-LOGICAL side and tapped into the voice that simply said, “We are going to win this race–no matter what!” And they did! Watch it on YouTube! The announceer just kept saying, “I don’t think they can do it.”  Lucky for us, this is not what the swimmers were thinking….

Where do you need a right brain performance.  Where do you need to suspend the inner-critic and logic to achieve something you truly desire? Watch the youtube video and tune in to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver for the next Right Brain Performance! Create the life you desire! ~Whitney

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So are you saying that those of us who live in the right brain, need to switch over to left brain logic – a lot – before our right brain will work for us? Do you have examples of right brain work leading to right brain a-ha?

Comment by Tammy Vitale

Thanks, Tammy. The goal is always WHOLE brain. So for right brainers it may simply mean putting more emphasis on left brain skills to compliment the more natural right brain thinking. I know for me that I can follow the “clues”, network, take bold action, and be completely passion driven all day long–what I need to balance all of that energy is some good ol’ number crunching.

As far as examples, there are a myriad. For example, in Dr. Herbert Benson’s book, The Breakout Principle, he first cites a biz consultant who uses needlepoint (after intensive research) to come up with his “shazam” moment. I have hundreds of my students who, after getting “creatively fit” start to create change in their lives. I just had a glass of wine with a student who has started taking online natural healing courses and is pursuing other new interests just since she started taking my painting classes. She still wants her house to sell and is not thrilled with her job, but she is taking responsibility and CREATING change in her life where she can. AND she is all lit up excited, and happy!

When you do right brain work, you engage your subconscious, your intuition–both of which are bound to have new insight and a new perspective for you–a possible “ah-hah” for sure!

Check out She wrote Ignite the Genius Within. She uses EMDR and images, words, to give us the opportunity to tune in to our infinite mind. She co-wrote this book with Michael Gelb. Thanks for your comment, Tammy! ~ Whitney

Comment by Whitney Ferre

Love this. Love your blog. Someone posted a link to a news clip of you on facebook and then I went googling for you. So happy you have a blog!

Comment by lisa

Lisa, Thank you so much! Thanks for following the links! We are about to launch a whole new website and online program, so stay tuned! Thanks for spreading the word! Let me know if I can be of any service to you!!! ~Whitney

Comment by Whitney Ferre

Yes – it can be a case of letting our brain lead us by the hand to where it knows we need to go, and letting our instincts have faith in the process. Children can be our teachers – they allow both sides of their brain to react and respond as required – take the tantrums as a classic example of how to deal with a moment of hurt – the body and brain know – that a short sharp burst of exertion will let go the negative forces so that the balance can be restored. If as adults we did this more often, we would have fewer heart and stroke victims and less anger – from unprocessed and bottled up rage. So – to engage both sides of the brain for creativity has the same strength as using the right brian for logical problem solving. We have been giving two hemispheres for a reason – we neglect them at our own peril… 🙂

Comment by Rhona

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