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My Ganesha Painting


I painted Ganesha this weekend at my Open Spaces Painting Journey in Joseph, OR–the magical place where I live. I knew Ganesha as a Hindu God of abundance. What I just read on this site was that he is “is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles.” How does it get any better than that?! I thought I would share the journey that is my Ganesha Painting…hope you can join me for a future workshop (upcoming in Austin, TX, Portland, OR, San Francisco, and Nashville, TN–comment below of you want info)…


This was the inspiration from one of my favorite stores in Joseph, To Zion. Here is Ganesha as just an outline.


Now with some color…


More love added to the God of Success…


Now finished! By painting this energy of success and abundance, I have just amplified this energy all around me. What energy do you want more of? Paint it! I would love to help. Email me here if you want to learn how I can do just that–it is waaaaaayyyyy too much fun!



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Look for an Olympic “Right Brain Performance”

I was an athlete growing up, not an “artist”. I love competition and I love that feeling when you are pushing yourself, getting better, faster, stronger. Now, for me, this same energy is channeled into my Creatively  Fit Program and my book, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit.

Life is a mental game. Our thoughts and attitudes shape so much of our reality and nowhere is it better illustrated than in the sports arena.

During this year’s Superbowl, all you had to do was look at the face on Peyton Manning, sitting on the sidelines, to get a feel of who had the upper hand in that competition. The thoughts, images, and beliefs swirling around in your mind play a major role in the outcome of your efforts-regardless of the “arena”.

One of the books that has had the biggest impact on my work is The Breakout Principle by Dr. Herbert Benson. In it, he shows us how we can conjure up the “ah -hah” moment, the “light bulb moment”, the SHAZAM! by realizing how our minds work.  To have such a “breakout” moment, one first has to do the left-brain work.  You have to know the stats, have done the lay-yups, swam the laps, or done the research.  THEN, to get your breakout, you have to do something completely different. You must “sever all previous thought processes to get out of your left brain” and tap new mental power. His first example in the book is of a high powered business consultant in NYC who is hired to perform acts like appointing new CEO’s of major corporations. When this consultant has exhausted all forms of research and data gathering his standard practice is to go back to his hotel room to needlepoint to get his SHAZAM!!! moment! I could not believe that was the first example in the book.  This high power business consultant is using a “creativity exercise” to physiologically change his thinking and tap his subconscious so that the perfect business solution just “pops” into his mind!

NOW, we have the Winter Olympics to watch.  During the last summer Olympics there was a perfect example of a Right Brain Performance. I want to share it with you and then ask you to look for the next one in these Olympic games.

During the summer Olympics of 2008 it was Phelps and co. that provided the Breakout Performance during the men’s 400 free relay.  The Americans were seated 2nd against the French and the U.S. announcer must have repeated five times that he had done the math backward and forwards and that there was NO WAY THE AMERICANS COULD BEAT THE FRENCH.  As I listened to him say this over and over I got more and more excited about the potential to witness a true right brain performance. The US swimmers knew all those stats.  They knew that even if they each swam their best times ever and the French each swam their worst times ever that they still could not win.  So what did they do?

They TUNED OUT THAT LEFT BRAIN-LOGICAL side and tapped into the voice that simply said, “We are going to win this race–no matter what!” And they did! Watch it on YouTube! The announceer just kept saying, “I don’t think they can do it.”  Lucky for us, this is not what the swimmers were thinking….

Where do you need a right brain performance.  Where do you need to suspend the inner-critic and logic to achieve something you truly desire? Watch the youtube video and tune in to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver for the next Right Brain Performance! Create the life you desire! ~Whitney

Please Watch This….

I just had a lovely evening after the kids went to bed. I watched two women speak at about creativity and passion while I created a “dream collage” in my Artist Within Journal (ok, there was a glass of wine involved as well…). I really recommend watching the talk by Isabel Allende (link above).

Creatively Fit is partnering with the Women for Women foundation to help CREATE change in the lives of abused and neglected women in war torn countries. Where else could our creative, feminine spirit be more desperaely needed? This Isabel Allende talk is from a TED in 2007. She speaks passionately about the plight of so many women on this planet and urges us to make it end, to put our energies in that direction.

This is the intention of Creatively Fit and this is not the intention I had just a year ago. But now I see that it has all been leading to helping to mobilize the Western woman to CREATE the change we need in this world. If you think you could not make a dent, could not help anyone, or have no way to help, please watch Isabel speak.  Please explore your creative potential that I know is within you because it is what makes us human. Accepting our power to CREATE change in the world is what is going to create the tipping point–a point within which women will not be beaten, abused, neglected, raped, enslaved, ignored or supressed. Let’s CREATE that change, shall we? Go to to learn how you can be part of an amazing group of women working to CREATE a better life for so many women around the world. Creatively yours, Whitney

My Visit: American Museum Art.

"being inexhaustible, life & nature r a constant stmulus 4 a creative mind."

art by Grace Hartigan

“Where there is an open  mind, there will always be a frontier”.  Charles Kettering

Arthur Dove

“I look at nature I see myself. Paintings r mirrors, so is nature.” -Arthur Dove

Your Life Needs a Trip to the Art Store!!!

photoYour life may just need a trip to the ART STORE!!!  (Fabric stores work great too!)

Last week Heather (the new Creatively Fit VP of Marketing)  & I ran into Plaza Art Supply in Nashville (you can shop online with them at for a couple of items.  We had a BLAST!  Not that I am new to art stores, but Heather is in the beginning stages of her Creatively Fit Program and for her it was not her normal errand. 

The first image above was a display that caught my eye right when we walked in!  I wanted to take a pic of this side.  Heather liked this side:

dye blues

We did not buy any of these yummy looking dyes (don’t eat!!!) YET, but when one of you do, let us know!!!  Jacquard says they are easy to use in cold water and are perfect for dying that white shirt stained with your favorite red wine!! 😉

THEN, we spotted the papers!  My side:

papers reds

Heather’s favorites:

fav green paper

We very deliberately chose our favorite three papers and rushed home to the studio.  We were so excited and energized from the colors and patterns at Plaza!  I PROMISE, even if you don’t buy anything, a trip to your local art store will be FUN & INSPIRING!!!

Here is what the studio table looked like 10 minutes after we got back:

after plaza

That is my Artist Within journal.  I LOVE it!  It is a Moleskine and you should all buy one at  I was so relieved to finally find the perfect journal.

Watch this video for a candid tour of my studio and my journal.  Love being able to share it….

Please join us for more behind the scenes of the Creatively Fit Movement at our fanpage:

Now, when can you go to the art store?  If you go to, tell them Whitney from Nashville sent you! 

Getting Creatively Fit FEELS great.  I am excited for you! 

Creative wishes, Whitney



Right Brain Spa!
October 22, 2009, 9:14 pm
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Brain Sync Unfold-Your-Potential

I am currently on the back end of a massive week-long book tour/family vacation that began in Asheville, NC and is ending in Charlottesville, VA at UVA!  I can’t wait to share all the details and pics from this adventure! 

In the mean time, I wanted to share with you one of the most amazing tools I have found to CREATING a right brain “spa” experience–the 3 CD set “Unfold Your Potential, Create the Life you Want to Live”. 

If you are not aware of the importance of meditation, just stay tuned.  You will certainly find articles and other info. about meditation catching your eye.  It is vital to BALANCE our busy, hectic daily lives and to CONTRAST the constant chitter chatter in our brain.

These CD’s by Kelly Howell are yummy!  After my first experience with the prayer CD, that got me on my hallway floor for a full hour (!!!!), I immediately got on the phone and ordered a case so I could share them with you all!  They are now available on my website.  Simply click on the image above to get to the shop.

I had been looking for a guided meditation because, hey, I like images and I like stories.  The music that accompanies Kelly Howell’s voice is scientifically composed to balance your brain!  It recreates THETA brainwaves….If you want more go to

I can’t encourage you all enough to buy yourself a set and give them as gifts.  You will NOT regret it!  As a result of using these CD’s just 2-3 times a week I found myself “hovering above the chaos”.  Nothing could really bother me.  I was so much more patient with my children, and I had none of that frantic energy.

I don’t man to be such a commercial, but I can’t wait to hear from you all about how much you love your new meditation time.  I think Lisa ( got a set…what do you think, Lisa?  look for her comments.

I enjoy bringing you whatever resources possible to support your creative fitness journey!  Enjoy!